Drymatic Heat Drying Equipment for Timber Floors

Drymatic Heat Drying Equipment for Timber Floors

If you’re a tenant, home owner, assessor, company owner, realtor, broker or even a builder, you know exactly how water damage can ruin your home. Sometimes the only solution for this problem is to remove some flooring and then restore the rest. If you think that it’s a difficult task, you’re deeply wrong. At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, there is no job too big or too small. Whatever water damage problem you have, all that you need to do is to call our highly qualified technicians, certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Our technicians were able to install state of the art Drymatic Heat Drying Booster Box and Mats.  This special Drymatic equipment is designed to significantly improve drying times and cost by targeting drying areas and controlling heat drying method. They were also able to design Drymatic Heat Dryers used to dry concrete floors and timber floors. It offers a better controlled drying environment within the room which aids faster and more efficient drying.

During water damage, there had been a slow leak affecting the floor boards. The subfloor which was considered as particle floor was also deeply affected. Testing of the leak and level of saturation required giving attention on the whole board. This meant it was of utmost importance that regular testing and inspections be performed every 2-3 days using hammer probe moisture meter. This helps make sure that the boards are dried completely all the way through before removing all equipment. When the floor dries up, the machine sucks the moisture from the base through the top.

This job performed at the Sunshine Coast in Buderim was considered to take a longer time. This was due to the level of saturation on the flooring. Because of the state of the art drying techniques and other tricks provided by AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, another property was successfully restored once again. It helped the insurance company save tens of thousands of dollars. If the flooring was not restored, the kitchen, bathrooms and walls would have to be removed as well. Also, it would cause worse problems like replacing the entire flooring and putting inhabitants into temporary accommodation.

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, we believe that education is of extreme importance. We wish to show assessors, adjustors and insurance companies that it’s possible to save more money with floor restoration. It’s possible to save on building works through the use of correct drying techniques and working alongside builders can give the same end result. Getting the occupants back into a safely and effectively restored property in the most timely and cost effective manner can be achieved easily.

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