Drying Floating Timber Floors

Drying Floating Timber Floors

Wet floating timber floors are a disaster! Many of you may try to pull out the wet floor or simply lift the timber floor and these are common solutions. However there are better ways to solve the problem of wet timber floors.

AllAces Cleaning and Restoration are specialists in treating water damage and wet wood flooring situations, offering a range of comprehensive solutions and services.

Our Technicians will arrive at your office or home and assess the floor. Based on our assessment we provide:

  • Replacement options and cost
  • Cost of pulling up the floor
  • Cost of drying the sub-floor
  • Total estimation of cost and time

Our customised solutions vary for every customer and we offer cost effective solutions without compromising on quality. For instance, if your floor can be sanded, we can either sand it or dry the floor flat without sanding at a reasonable price.

All our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification and the American Drying Institute.

Highest Quality Service

AllAces Cleaning and Restoration guarantees quality service combined with ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our team has highly qualified and trained Technicians who use state-of-the-art heat drying technology to dry out the floor. Further, our services aren’t restricted to any specific type of timber floor.

Also, before we wrap up a service, our wood floor expert will visit for a quality check to ensure that the wooden floor matches Australian Standards.

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