Diesel Odour Removal

Diesel Odour Removal

One of our clients, located in Yeronga, called AllAces Cleaning & Restoration with a very serious odour removal request. They had experienced a diesel spill in the back of their Toyota Land Cruiser and were desperate to have it cleaned and restored.

Since diesel fuel can be very dangerous, it was necessary for our technician to know how to remove the fuel thoroughly. Not only would the stain and odour need to be removed, but any trace of the highly combustible substance would also need to be removed. Due to the nature of the situation, we sent one of our technicians who was highly trained in odour removal, carpet cleaning, water damage, rugs, and upholstery.

Car Odour Removal Process

  1. Our technician began by removing the interior carpet, seats, and the underlay.
  2. We then began to wash all the hard surfaces with laminate.
  3. Since the diesel had penetrated the body of the vehicle, the floor had to be sealed with body deadener. It was vital that the diesel fuel was completely removed and any trace of it needed to be sealed away from danger.
  4. Back at our factory, we set up a hydroxyl machine. The hydroxyl uses steam extraction to complete the cleaning process.

Our technician also used products such as laminate, the Vapor Shark, solvent, and fabric shampoo.

Our customer was extremely pleased with the results of the cleaning and restoration of their vehicle. If you need our odour removal services, contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.


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