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Containment Systems

Phoenix Quick Chamber System

Phoenix Quick Chamber Containment SystemEffective and Efficient System For Creating a Grain Barrier

The Phoenix Quick Chamber, designed with the Restoration Professional in mind, is an easy way to create an effective drying chamber that will completely contain a water loss affected area within minutes. This containment can be accomplished practically anywhere in the structure (e.g., hallway, doorway, etc.) simply by sealing open thresholds and passageways. The Quick Chamber not only incorporates durability in its construction and installation, but flexibility in its application. It has been specifically designed to be installed by one person, so an effective drying chamber can be set up by an individual rather than a team.

Once installed, the Quick Chamber will restrict moisture transfer into and out of the water loss affected area. This will also stop secondary damage at the beginning of the job, and later enhance the dry-down by preventing moist air from migrating into your drying chamber. Don’t waste valuable dehumidifying capacity–minimize the area that you need to dry. By staying focused on just the affected area, you can free up the necessary equipment needed to move on to the next job.

Each step in the drying process is important, and the first step – creating a drying chamber – is no exception. Every water restoration team should have a Phoenix Quick Chamber System in their truck.

ZipWall® Spring Loaded Barrier System

Zip Wall Containment SystemThis is our signature product. ZipWall® is an award-winning barrier system. It has been honoured by the press and hailed by builders, painters, carpenters, floor refinishers, demolition workers, restoration companies, and do-it-yourselfers as a simple and effective method of controlling dust by isolating the worksite from other areas.

The patented ZipWall® spring loaded barrier system consists of telescoping twist lock ZipWall® poles available in both twelve and twenty foot lengths. The system locks the screening material (ordinary plastic sheeting, light canvas tarp or drop cloth) firmly against the ceiling, creating a “virtually airtight” barrier. Once in place, just lift and tuck the screening material under the pole to create a tight barrier from top to bottom.

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