Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning 

One of the services that we offer here at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration is commercial kitchen cleans. One of our regular clients is a local golf club. They frequently hire us to do a full commercial kitchen clean. On one such occasion, we were asked to thoroughly clean all cooking equipment including the range hood.

The club has asked us to return several times to clean a variety of other items including tiles, concrete floors, service area floors, carpets, bathrooms, change tables and their bar and pokie room stools. After each visit, we were delighted to receive glowing reviews and commendations from both staff and clientele. They were very impressed with the outstanding difference after we had completed our work.


At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, we recognise that many of our clients are operating full-time businesses. With this in mind, we endeavour to provide a flexible and adaptable service. In this instance, the golf club is in a busy commercial area and open every day of the week. A 4:30 am start time, meant that we could work around mealtimes and ensure the commercial cleaning job was completed before lunch.

Below is our commercial kitchen cleaning process:

  1. On-site walk-through: Our lead technician walked through the job with our client contact. This allowed us to determine the job-scope and ensure that both parties were fully aware of the expectations and timeframes.
  2. Commencement of work: Our technicians began systematically working through the task. This typically involved applying various degreasing agents and other chemicals to greasy and rusty surfaces. All surfaces were then scrubbed to achieve a clean and sanitary state.
  3. Face-up: Following the intensive cleaning process, our technicians moved throughout the site conducting a more aesthetic clean to ensure everything was ready for immediate use.
  4. Pack-down & tidy-up: We collected our tools and equipment, returning the space to a workable state.

We completed the job in great time and the chef was not delayed for the preparation of the next meal.

Here at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we pride ourselves on producing the best result possible in all instances. If your commercial kitchen or business needs some extra attention please call us on 1800 00 1010, where we would be more than happy to help you.

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