Cleaning of Delicate Fabrics

Cleaning of Delicate Fabrics

One of our customers brought us delicate fabrics: a set of dining chairs. The colour of the chairs had clearly run and needed to be restored. With all 12 chairs, they valued up to $10,000.

Upon further inspection of the chairs, it was made clear that the fabric was rayon and therefore explained why this colour run had happened. Rayon is a delicate fabric and consequently, it was better to perform a dry compound clean on such type of fabric.

Upholstery cleaning with dry compound is a low moisture technique. It can be used in both commercial and residential situations. Dry materials are agitated into the upholstery using hand brushes. While the upholstery compounds bind with dirt and stains. Dry compounds must be left for a given time before they are removed.

Removing dry compounds are often performed with a high-powered vacuum. A multi-directional approach is used when vacuuming. Performing this type of clean eliminates the risk of the colours running in your upholstery.

If you are in need of your delicate fabrics being cleaned, contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.

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