How to Clean Slate Floor Tiles

How to Clean Slate Floor Tiles

One of our clients came to us with very worn green slate tiles and wanted them stripped back, thoroughly cleaned and resealed with a high gloss finish. They had advised us that they were contemplating replacing the tiles due to the amount of time and effort it was taking to keep them clean, however, they decided to give them one last chance.

Our Process

  1. First, the tiles were stripped of any old sealant that had been left on the surface.
  2. A thorough clean then took place. This began with a dry sweep of the area to remove any dry soiling and large particles.
  3. Our specialised alkaline cleaning solution was then applied to the area before agitating it with a grout broom and rotary agitation. This technique brings most dirt and grime to the surface and removes any heavy soiling.
  4. Next, high-pressure cleaning and extraction is carried out. This took place using our truck mount machine and a unique tool and attachment which applies dual action high pressure steam and dirty water extraction simultaneously.
  5. The area was then dry mopped and high-speed air movers were positioned accordingly and left for some time to ensure that it was completely dry before the sealing took place.
  6. When our technician was happy to proceed with the sealing, he confirmed with the clients on what look they wanted for the tiles.
  7. Our clients advised our technician that they wanted a high gloss/wet look finish.For our technician to achieve this, he had to apply three coats of wet look sealer. A final inspection by the clients was then carried out.

In the end, our clients were absolutely thrilled with the result. If you need your tiles cleaned, give us a call on 1800 00 1010. Do not waste any time, have one of our technicians find the right cleaning solution for you.

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