Chequered Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Chequered Vinyl Floor Cleaning

We had a call from a lady in Auchenflower who had some vinyl flooring (black & white chequered). She hadn’t had them professionally cleaned and was wanting to have it done to improve the look of the vinyl floor and give it back some shine, as she was doing up the house. They were through most of the bottom level of the home – kitchen, dining, hall way and family room.

We sent out one of our fully qualified technicians in vinyl floor cleaning. The job took him a full day to complete; we have a seven step process that we perform on vinyl flooring.

7-Step Vinyl Floor Cleaning Process

  1. We inspect the vinyl and indentify any problems or concerns.
  2. Dust mop and pre vacuum to remove any lose particles of dirt.
  3. We then apply the stripper to the floor; this is then agitated with a rotary brush machine to remove any dirt and old sealer.
  4. Extract all standing water and old sealer from the floor.
  5. Wet mop the areas with hot water to remove any residue from the floor.
  6. Dry the floor to get it ready to apply the sealer. We would then apply 3 coats of hardener to the floor to prepare for the sealer.
  7. Then we apply 3 coats of sealer.

Our sealers come in matt, semi gloss and gloss finishes. For this job we applied 5 coats of gloss sealer.

Our process is so advanced that if we strip and seal your floors with the above procedure and it is maintained with our maintenance program then your floors will never need to be strip and sealed again. So if you would like to put some life back into your vinyl we can come and strip and seal your vinyl floors and have them looking great again! Call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration now on 1800 00 10 10 for a quote.

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