Case Study: Park & Fly Mould Remediation

Case Study: Park & Fly Mould Remediation

Client: Park & Fly

Project: Mascot Facility, NSW

Service Type: Mould Remediation

Completion Date: September 2023

mould remediation

The Challenge

In September 2023, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration was called in to handle an extensive mould remediation of the Park & Fly facility in Mascot, NSW. The mould infestation extended from the external ground floor car park to the level 3 office, requiring immediate decontamination to return a safe and healthy environment for all building users.

mould remediation

The Solution

Our IICRC-certified technicians began the mould remediation works on level 2, removing all contents from the affected kitchen area. All cabinets, draws and appliances were HEPA vacuumed before being treated with antimicrobials. This process was continued throughout the entirety of level 2, including the male and female bathrooms, before all water-stained ceiling tiles were removed and disposed of. Level 3 required the removal and disposal of all affected blinds and carpeting with the ceiling void also assessed. The removal of the affected gyprock within the ceiling void was disposed of before a top-down antimicrobial treatment was completed. Finally, the mould-affected external car park entrance was pressure-washed to ensure both aesthetic and hygienic standards.

mould remediation

The Outcome

With more than 128 man-hours, complete top-down antimicrobial treatments, 2 Hydroxyl Generators and 4 Air Scrubbers, the Mascot Park & Fly facility was effectively returned to a pre-loss condition, restoring a safe and habitable environment for all building users.

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Mould Remediation Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is mould remediation?

Mould remediation is the process of identifying, containing, and removing mould and contaminated materials from an environment. The objective is to restore the affected area to its original condition, ensuring it is safe and free of mould.

  1. How long does the mould remediation process take?

The duration of the mould removal process varies depending on the extent of the mould contamination and the size of the area affected. Smaller projects may take a day or two, while larger, more complicated situations may require several weeks to fully remediate.

  1. Is mould remediation safe for people and pets?

Proper mould remediation follows strict safety guidelines to minimise exposure to mould spores during the process. Technicians typically use personal protective equipment, and the affected area is usually sealed off to prevent the spread of spores. Nonetheless, it is advisable for people and pets to vacate the premises during the remediation process for added safety. 

Why Choose AllAces?

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration has more than 35 years of industry experience handling extensive mould remediations for both domestic and commercial clientele. Our IICRC-certified technicians utilise the latest technology and equipment to ensure the best results and the return of a pre-loss condition.

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