Can Cleaning Mould Make You Sick?

Can Cleaning Mould Make You Sick? 

When removing mould, it’s important to understand that higher concentrations of mould spores in the air require personal protective equipment (PPE). After the mould spores reach a certain threshold, they become dangerous to you as they can clog your airways, and make you feel sick! Mould cleaners will generally use equipment to find out the density of mould in the air before cleaning it because mould can cause breathing issues if a mask is not worn. What’s more is that mould will release its spores into the air as soon as its surface is agitated. So when scrubbing or spraying mould, it can increase the amount of mould spores already present in the atmosphere to make for a very unpleasant environment.  

Your best bet when removing mould is to call a professional mould removal service to first inspect the severity of your mould issue then move forward with a top-down mould decontamination. As mould can have a number have adverse health effects on individuals, it is always best to play it safe and remain vigilant against these possibilities. 

Some health effects include: 

  • Breathing issues 
  • Eye irritations 
  • Skin itchiness 

Removing mould can be simple if done as soon as mould is suspected, but once mould has the chance to grow and spread, it can make cleaning efforts more challenging. Once mould has the chance to latch itself onto a surface and develop “roots” into non-porous material, then its removal may quickly become tedious. As aforementioned, certain cleaning techniques can release more unwanted mould spores into the air if not done correctly. This is why mould cleaners are well-trained and equipped to take care of these issues, so you don’t have to. At AllAces, our trained mould cleaners take mould sickness into consideration when decontaminating an area.  

AllAces: Mould Removal Sydney and Brisbane Services 

As mould has a tendency to cause discomfort and sickness when it is being removed, so our mould cleaners will always use appropriate PPE and advise you of any dangers you might be facing in the future regarding your mould issues. What sets us apart from other mould cleaners is that when removing mould, we will not only make sure to eliminate all spores safely and effectively from your property, we will provide you with a full recommendation helping you find the source causing your mould to prevent any future returns. 

Anything from pipe leaks, to a lack of sunlight or airflow will be included in a full report.  

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Our trained mould cleaning technicians are also all IICRC trained and are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment using commercial-grade chemicals and UV technology to eliminate mould’s presence from your property. Even in hard-to-reach areas such as back-wall pipes, AllAces can effectively clean these areas of existing mould, and remove any odours it might produce! 


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