Biohazard Cleanup in Brisbane – Truths and Myths

Biohazard Cleanup in Brisbane – Truths and Myths

When it comes to biohazard cleanup, there are lots of myths and misconceptions about the cleanup process and how it is performed. As a consumer, it is very important that you know the facts in the unfortunate event that you need bio-recovery services. 

Our team at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration know the answer to many of your pertinent questions when it comes to biohazard clean up. 

What is biohazard cleanup?

Biohazards cleanup is the cleanup and disinfection of crime and trauma scenes. There are many people in Brisbane who are not aware that there are biohazard cleanup companies like AllAces that offer these kinds of services. 

Our bio recovery service focusses on cleaning and disinfecting bio-hazardous materials and surfaces and ensures that the contaminated area is clean and safe. We ensure that all hazardous bacteria and blood-borne pathogenic agents are removed. 

Wait, don’t the police do that?

The answer unfortunately is no. This is a common public misconception about biohazard cleanup. It is not until someone needs this service that they find out that it is their responsibility to clean and restore the crime scene after police investigation.

As a restoration company offering this kind of service, it is not easy to advertise biohazard cleanup services. We focus on letting the public become aware of this kind of service to help people make an informed decision when choosing a bio-recovery company. 

But I cannot see anything!

The truth is, even though you cannot see visible contamination of a crime scene, there are invisible bacteria and pathogens lurking around that can beharmful to your health. Thus, it is very important that bio-recovery cleanup is done to locate hidden areas of contamination and ensure that all harmful contaminants are eradicated.

Can I use bleach?

Many people often think about using bleach to disinfect contaminated objects. While this is effective as a biocide, this chemical is not safe to use for fabrics and metals. This chemical can also cause eye and respiratory irritation. Bleach, therefore, is not recommended for biohazard cleaning.

With AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, you can be assured of specialised cleaning solutions when we perform biohazard cleanup. Our cleaning solutions are made to effectively disinfect contaminated materials without harming your possessions and health. 

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration has been providing crime and trauma scene cleanup for many years. Our team of restoration specialists understand your need for privacy. We offer comprehensive cleanupservices, feel free to contact us  on 1800 00 10 10 in case you have any questions.

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