Are Moulds Dangerous?

Are Moulds Dangerous?  

Ah, the age-old question of whether mould is in fact dangerous or not. The short answer? It can be… and while this article could just end here, we will go on to explain exactly what we mean by this vague statement. Mould is a naturally occurring fungus that can appear anywhere and everywhere! As its spores are microscopic, all it needs is a bit of wind or agitation to take it into the most unlikely of places, such as the shirts in your drawer, the walls of your kitchen or even at the base of your bedframe! It’s these spores that are potentially harmful to you and anyone other inhabitants like roommates, family or pets. As everyone is affected very differently by mould, it should always be taken with caution and better understood before coming up with a remediation solution. Most mould specialists can agree that since there are over 7,000 species of mould, it’s best to have a professional mould inspection to fully understand what type has decided to grow within your home. Their common denominator is that they will surely begin to spread once they have a habitat with a humidity of 60% and above, and limited sunlight.  

It can be challenging to understand what mould even is. Coming in colours such as white, brown, or even black, mould has several basic rules which should be always followed. 

  1. Do not eat any foods which you may see a white, fuzzy mould growing on. 
  1. Be aware that mould can cause your airspace to become “stuffy” and might affect your respiratory system. 
  1. Black mould should always be treated with caution as it can cause adverse health effects which affect your mood, breathing, skin and more. 

The key reasons why mould is dangerous is because it can grow unnoticed, affect your health adversely and it corrodes whatever material it’s on. 

As mentioned, mould spores are microscopic, it can be hard to tell if mould is already in your home as it can be a hard to find. Once noticed through a smell, stain or series of dots it could have already spread to various places within your home. Before it’s too late, mould can find its way around areas you would’ve never expected. 

Unfortunately, mould can cause health problems. Anything from a runny nose to an irritated respiratory system can occur when individuals are exposed to mould for too long. Some people are even allergic to dead mould spores! This is also why bleach not the most efficient cleaning method.  

Like water, mould ruins whatever material it grows on over time. Even challenging the structural integrity of certain buildings, mould can corrode whatever it’s placed on. If not removed, it can cause serious issues for you or anyone else who visits/lives in your property. While it may take a long time for mould corrosion to happen, it’s best to clean it as soon as you find it to prevent future problems.  Alternatively, hiring professional mould cleaners may be beneficial for you as they are able to fully clean any traces of mould present. 

A mould inspection from our mould cleaners may be beneficial to you as these spores can thankfully be found and inactivated using chemicals and natural particles called hydroxyls. At AllAces, our mould removal specialists remediate homes of mould by through this method mixed with other cleaning techniques. Have a read here for more information about how our mould cleaners use our hydroxyl generators to solve your mould issues. 

Our best tips to avoid mould growth: 

  1. Airflow-Make sure you can keep airflow in your home through opened windows every now and then to prevent stagnant air. 
  2. Sunlight-Mould hates the sun, it’s not able to grow when natural sunlight rays are on it. 
  3. Check for any leaks-Try finding any possible pipe leaks in your house as this may cause high humidity which increases your chance of mould growing. 

AllAces Mould Removalists Brisbane and Sydney

At AllAces, we have had over 30 years of industry experience dealing with mould. Our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal services are available to help you solve your issues as best we can. We can identify all types which may cause any sort of harm to you. Our mould cleaners are all well trained using IICRC industry standards to ensure we can find the source of your issues causing the mould in the first place. Our difference is that we will not only kill the mould with commercial-level chemicals, but we will also use the correct cleaning techniques to remove mould spores that may be in your home. An example of this is where we seal mould-affected materials with airtight products which allow for transportation of the item without mould spores spreading everywhere.  

Our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal specialists are available to answer all your questions you may have about your mould 24/7, send us your inquiry today and our team will reach out to you. 


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