AllAces’ Mould Specialists

When mould appears in your home, it’s tempting to use DIY methods to remove it. However, hiring mould specialists to conduct professional mould cleaning ensures that not only is there no more mould growth, but it’s gone for good. 

Mould inspections in Sydney and Brisbane, as wet and flood-prone areas, should be conducted in order to get a scope of the mould’s size, location and source. After a mould inspection, which can also include mould testing and humidity level readings, we send in our mould removal specialists to get started on the cleaning. Our mould services also cover the removal of mould odour that may occur from the outbreak. 

At AllAces Cleaning and Restoration, we are mould removal specialists who completely eradicate and remediate mould growth from the source. As mould growth ideally occurs in an environment with a 60% or more humidity level, we conduct mould inspection, testing and removal in Sydney and Brisbane where we offer our mould services. Mould inspection and mould testing means we can ensure that our remediation is as effective as possible to prevent future growth, as well as conducting our professional mould cleaning services to solve your problems. 

A big difference between our services and using standard cleaning techniques and chemicals is that while products such as bleach and olive oil may kill mould to an extent, it does not remove their spores from the air. It’s these spores that can cause breathing problems and skin irritations to unsuspecting people. Even in a deactivated state, these spores can still cause allergies to persist amongst other adverse health symptoms. Our mould removal specialists are experts at dealing with these issues as they have had many years of experience and training to ensure you can relax safely without the worry of mould.  

Unlike normal mould cleaners, we will use tools such as sealants and containment protocols to ensure mould spores do not spread around your property when any items are being moved. Our AllAces mould specialists in both Sydney and Brisbane are professionally trained with IICRC accredited mould removal techniques. What makes us special are not only our dedicated and highly skilled technicians, but also the use of high-quality mould removal technology such as our hydroxyl generators, which scrub the air clean of mould to ensure the mould spores can’t move around and spread elsewhere. 

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