AllAces on 7News – Covid-19 ‘deep clean’ explained

AllAces on 7News – Covid19 ‘deep clean’ explained

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration offer COVID-19 decontamination services for businesses that are exposed to COVID-19. These cleans aim to prevent the spread of the virus by disinfecting surfaces in order to protect your employees, your clients, and your community.

These cleans are a vital part of keeping your community safe, and are designed to fully decontaminate a facility – from top to bottom. Our deep cleans are conducted when there are one or more suspected cases in a high-risk facility, or if there is one confirmed case in any setting. Below is outlined a collection of some of the processes that are often involved in our COVID-19 cleans.

Our Process:

  • The first step in performing any COVID-19 clean is to suit-up in PPE – from head to toe. This includes chemical resistant gloves, safety glasses, respirators, boot protectors and TYVAK suits. This is a vital part of preventing the spread in our community.
  • If we are working in an area where there is rubbish or linen, all of these items are bagged and removed from the area being cleaned.
  • Another step in our cleaning process is fogging with approved chemical disinfectants. This process sprays chemical throughout the contaminated area ensuring that all nooks, crannies and difficult to reach areas are decontaminated.
  • The area is also wiped down with microfiber cloths that have been soaked in approved disinfectants. This process ensures that all high touch point areas receive special attention. Everything from door handles and taps to light switches and power points is included in this step.
  • The ceiling and walls are flat mopped to ensure that all areas of the room are reached.
  • If the area contains any fabric, upholstery or carpets they are sprayed with approved disinfectants and any excess moisture is extracted.

The cleaning process involves the use of chemicals that are recognised and approved by the Australian Health authorities as suitable for decontamination cleans. The decontamination process is done with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that all remains of the deadly virus and bacteria are removed, while providing a high degree of reassurance for safe re-occupation.

Why Choose a Professional?

AllAces are industry leaders when it comes to COVID-19 decontamination. We take our job very seriously, ensuring that it is completed to the highest quality. AllAces Cleaning & Restoration were featured on 7 News at the beginning of the pandemic where we were described as the “unsung heroes, saving lives and stopping the spread one swipe at a time.” Our services are offered to both individuals and business owners.

Take a look at the below linked video to learn more about the decontamination process:

For more information on commercial deep cleans across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, and Sydney, call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.

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