Generative AI Helps Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Generative AI Helps Deliver a Better Customer Experience | Partnering with CopilotHQ

Generative ai


In August 2023, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration partnered with AI consulting firm CopilotHQ to harness the power of generative AI to revolutionise our Sales and Marketing departments. Born from AI automation and our unique business operations, was the AllAces chatbot, Alice. Instantly enhancing our business operations with information at our fingertips, ears on every call, intelligent recommendations and unmatched quality insights and metrics.

The Opportunity

AllAces has a long-standing 35-year history within the specialist cleaning and restoration industry. Our long history accounts for numerous industry accreditations, certifications and exceptional customer service.

With the release of ChatGPT and ever-increasing advancements in AI technology, AllAces was focused on enhancing our operations within Sales, Marketing and internal communication. We saw the opportunity for innovation and change leading into 2024.

Our partnership with AI consulting firm CopilotHQ was the initial step in fully understanding our business needs and the power of generative AI. Offering an experienced team of experts and highly customisable service, CopilotHQ was able to exclusively develop ‘Alice’ based on our unique business requirements with seamless integration and zero interruption to business operations.

By determining the pain points within our Marketing, Sales and communication processes, we were able to harness generative AI to increase productivity, improve sales, implement marketing strategies and rely on data-driven recommendations.

The Outcome

The implementation of Alice has been a significant success with instant performance increases and ease of use. Our sales staff now have access to a multifaceted information source detailing service processes, technical knowledge and specific recommendations based on client interaction – all within one place. Our Marketing department can rely on enhanced targeted strategies, understanding customer behaviour and preferences with increased productivity.

Finally, our Group Services department has dramatically improved internal communications with a centralised hub for business information, improved training across all departments and vital data-driven decisions. By determining our risk mitigation needs and proven cost efficiency, CopilotHQ has revolutionised AllAces’s business operations with significant improvements across each sector.

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