Hoarders Cleaning Service Case Study | Sanitation Clean Up

Hoarders Cleaning Service Case Study | Sanitation Clean Up

hoarders cleaning service hoarders cleaning service

Hoarders Cleaning Service – The Challenge

A residential property, referred by Eastern Health, required extensive cleaning and remediation due to significant neglect and damage. The primary issues were caused by a non-functional plumbing system in the bathroom, an accumulation of rubbish, and pervasive dirt and cobwebs. This environment posed health risks due to poor air quality and unsanitary conditions, making it imperative to address these issues comprehensively to restore the property to a livable state.

Hoarders Cleaning Service – The Solution

A comprehensive cleaning plan was implemented to improve both air quality and sanitation. Air filtration devices were installed to ensure clean air during the remediation, and all rubbish was removed. Surfaces including walls, ceilings, and floors were deep cleaned using HEPA vacuums. The kitchen and bathroom received special attention with thorough cleaning and sanitising of all fittings and surfaces, and antimicrobial treatments were applied as necessary. All carpets and underlays were removed, excess contents were securely stored in the rear garage, and all fittings, including lights and exhaust fans, were deeply cleaned and sanitised.

Hoarders Cleaning Service – The Outcome

The comprehensive cleaning and sanitation efforts transformed the neglected property into a clean, safe, and inviting space. Air quality was significantly improved through the use of filtration devices, and the removal of debris and thorough cleaning reduced health risks associated with mould, dust, and allergens. The property’s restoration also included preventative measures to maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards going forward.

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