Meth Testing – Meth Decontamination and Cleaning

Australia, along with many other countries around the world, is becoming increasingly aware of the necessity for meth testing and decontamination services.

The consumption of methamphetamine is becoming increasingly widespread. Given the nature of the residue, even low levels of smoking of the drug in a property can lead to the accumulation of harmful levels of toxins on surfaces and contents. Meth testing and decontamination is the only way to be sure if a house, workplace or vehicle is contaminated.

Methamphetamine contaminates the home during both its consumption and production process. Even long after these activities cease, furniture, clothes, carpet, toys and curtains may have residue that can affect the residents.

The threats of exposure to methamphetamine residue.

                   The dangers are not worth the risks:

x   Psychological disorders

x   Respiratory complications

x   Sleep disturbances

x   Serious headaches

x   Allergic responses

x   Unexplained rashes

Research has found that methamphetamine residue, if left untreated, will last for decades after being deposited. This is why it is important to seek out meth testing and decontamination services if you suspect previous tenants have been involved in its production or consumption.

Evidence exists to indicate that a person’s short and long-term health can be affected, commonly resulting in serious headaches, allergic responses, unexplained rashes, respiratory complications, and even birth defects and psychological disorders.

Meth Testing Services

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration technicians are formally trained to provide complete and effective meth testing and decontamination services across Queensland and Northern NSW.

Our approaches and methodologies are in accordance with the Australian Government’s Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines (PDF, 5MB). All Aces supports industry best practice protocols, maintain high-level equipment and chemicals to efficiently and cost effectively remediate contaminated properties.

We offer reinstatement services, providing turn-key solutions for owners and insurers.

Meth Residue Property Testing

All Aces technicians are NIOSH9111 accredited and provide testing at all stages of the process, from simple pre-purchase property tests or between tenancies, through to detailed pre- and post remediation assessment.

Testing for methamphetamine contamination should be as routine as building and pest inspections.

This service comes highly recommended for:

  • New homeowners in the existing housing market
  • Property managers
  • Landlords
  • Holiday rental owners
  • AirBnB hosts

Protect your family, reputation and financial investment. Have your home, rental and commercial property, or even cars and caravans tested today.

Why consider meth testing?

Screening for harmful residue has health benefits for households and commercial enterprises. It can also mitigate substantial risk of financial loss and liability.

Tenants using or producing meth pose a direct threat to the livability and, therefore, financial worth of a property. Screening between-tenants can act as both an early detection and deterrent system for troublesome clients.

Our meth testing service

We provide three main tiers of methamphetamine contamination testing, with room for expansion and customisation in each.


Base Composite Contamination Report – testing, analysis and report

  • Recommended when suspicions of contamination are low.


Lab Composite Contamination Report – testing, analysis and report

  • Recommended for moderate suspicions of contamination being present.
  • The addition of a subsequent discrete sample analysis can be negotiated if positive results are found upon completion.


Detailed Contamination Report – testing, analysis and report

  • Recommended when positive test results have been received or when highly suspicious of contamination.
  • Provides the basis for informing remediation requirements.
  • A Remediation Action Plan can then be developed.

Our knowledgeable All Aces staff are happy to advise you on which level of service is best suited to your specific circumstances. Protect your family and investments, find out more about the importance of meth testing and decontamination testing today.

Contact us on 1800 00 10 10 to discuss your situation and how we can help.


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