Carpet Odour Removal

Carpet Odour Removal

Carpet odour can slowly accumulate over time or come as the result of a sudden accident – spillage, flooding, etc. Whatever the circumstances, having a smelly carpet is no fun for anyone living in, or visiting, your home or place of work.

What causes carpets to smell?

There are a number of reasons your carpet may begin to develop an odour. The main problems we see are below:

  • Natural build up of dirt and bacteria over time. Regular vacuuming works well, but it does nothing to clean the dirt and bacteria collecting in the roots of your carpet. A professional clean every 12 months is key to keeping your rugs and carpets clean and hygienic,
  • Pet “mess”. Even worse, the “mess” can sometimes be invisible once dry but the odour continues to resurface every time it gets wet. Find more information here.
  • Dampness, either from a spill or high humidity, can cause mould to set in, creating a damp odour. This is a real problem because now you have to combat odour and mould.
  • Household flooding can also be a serious issue. The source of the flood is quite important in this case as sewage or graywater can be a real health threat if not treated properly.

What can be done to remove odour from carpets?

There are a few old wife’s tricks in circulation that claim to help mitigate or mask the odours that plague your carpet – white vinegar and baking soda get mentioned a lot… These do work to an extent, however, if you are faced with a significant odour and it’s degrading your quality of life, you need the professionals to step in.

The AllAces approach is simple:

  • We attend site and discuss the situation in detail,
  • Conduct a full steam clean,
  • Apply the appropriate chemical – every situation requires a different approach
  • Install Hydroxyl machines – if necessary

Unfortunately, in some cases, the carpet is too far gone and it will need to be lifted so that the underlay can be replaced and sub-floor treated.

Is the odour removal permanent?

Our team has an extremely high success rate for a diverse range of odours. If we can identify the source, odour removal is almost always permanent. Should the source be unknown, however, we cannot be as specific in our approach and there is risk that it will not fully remove the smell.

It is always best to speak to us directly about your unique situation. You can call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010 for advice today.

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