Pet Urine Odour Removal

Pet Urine Odour Removal

If your pet had a little accident on your carpet, you should always contact a professional cleaner. By experience, we know that it is impossible to remove pet urine odours with regular cleaning products.

Urine Can Penetrate Everywhere From Your Carpet to the Framework of Your House

When a pet urinates on a carpet it does not just stay there. It penetrates the fibres and contaminates both the flooring material below the carpet and the backing regardless of whether your floor it is wood of cement. This is the reason why pets urinate continually on the same spots. They can still smell it.

When urine dries, the liquid may evaporate but the tiny urine crystals may become even more pungent and concentrated. Simple cleaning is not an answer to this problem and will not be able to remove the odour.

Pet’s Urine Explained

One of the main urine component is uric acid. Most commonly, it leaves the body as an acid with a pH of around 5-6. When it begins to dry, there is a change in its hydrogen content resulting in the formation of crystalline salts that takes on an alkaline ph. The colour change you commonly see on a carpet occurs mainly because the pet urine oxidises and reacts with the carpet fibre.

Usually, bacteria grows abundantly in both warm and dark places. The bacterial growth and breakdown of urine results in the creation of various amino acids. These are organic compounds that often work deep within the carpet fibre and in most cases become a part of fibre itself. This can be a challenging situation.

Why Does The Smell Come Out Even More When you Try to Clean the Urine Spot From Your Carpet?

The dog or cat urine can become a big problem when moisture is added (during the cleaning of the carpet), or in areas with high humidity. The crystalline salts in pet urine that are present in the carpet fibres also absorb moisture and water and put out lots of ammonia gas when this occurs. Bacteria also releases large amounts of ammonia gas. That is why it is so common for urine odours to “pop up” during or after you have cleaned your carpet with urine spots. We can improve or remove the pet urine odour depending on your level of tolerance.

The solution

You will need to address two main components to remove urine odours:

  • Crystalline salt deposits
  • Bacterial growth

Our Pet Urine Odour Removal Services

At AllAces we offer restoration services that include treatments consisting of:

  • Sealing hard floors
  • Antimicrobial treatment of hard floor under the carpet
  • Urine neutralisation treatment for surface and backing of carpets
  • Full bacterial treatment for surface and backing pf carpet.
  • Rinsing the surface and backing of the carpet
  • Dry carpet and subfloor
  • Replace underlay
  • Relay carpet

We can also do urine neutralising treatments on the carpet surface. Bacterial treatment will also improve their odour.

We will send a fully qualified odour control technician to your house to carry out a full inspection. This would include moisture detection, pulling up carpet sections for visual inspection, relaying the carpet and a full written report.

If you need help with pet urine odour removal, contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.

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