Rug Cleaning of Persian Rugs

Rug Cleaning of Persian Rugs

No matter the type of Persian rug that you own, we can clean it at our rug cleaning facility.

Types of Persian Rugs

There are many kinds of Persian rugs. AllAces Cleaning & Restoration will clean them and also restore them. Some rugs that we service include: Bijars, Ahars, Mahals, South Eastern Sennehs, Tabrizis, Kermans, Kashan, Josheghans, Northwestern, Serabs, Irans and much more.

Care for your Persian Rug the Right Way

It is best not to clean these types of rugs at home, it is important to work with a professional rug cleaning service provider, to properly care for and clean the rugs that you own.

A Persian rug can easily hide dry soil, making it hard for you to see the dirt. The RugBadger is a unique tool that we employ at AllAces, to clean your Persian rug. It helps to beat out the dry soil and get your Persian rugs looking brand new when they leave our factory. After using the RugBadger, we vacuum the rug and wash it in the wash pit, rinse and extract it, then soften and dry it out to prevent humidity.

If you own a Persian rug that need some special care, bring it into our factories. We guarantee you will be happy with the result.

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