Rug Cleaning of Indian Rugs

Rug Cleaning of Indian Rugs

Our team of rug cleaning professional are skilled and qualified to clean you handmade Indian Rugs.

The designs and features found in Indian Rugs mimic those found throughout many countries. There are several types of Indian rugs, including Indo-Tibetan and Aubusson styles.  The Kashmir Silk is another popular style that many people bring into our facilities to have professionally cleaned. Because of such a variety of styles of Indian Rugs, it is important to get them cleaned professionally. At AllAces, our technicians are capable of identifying the style of your rugs so you can be sure the right treatment will be given. For your peace of mind we also guarantee our services and promise you that your rug will be treated delicately.

Painted Indian Rug

It can be difficult to treat and clean a rug when the outside guard borders of the rugs are painted. This is another reason why you should only trust a professional to take care of your  Indian rug. A wrong treatment or cleaning technique could cause irreversible damages, such as the paint spreading all over the rug. Do not take this risk and trust AllAces.

Skills and Experience

At AllAces our technicians are qualified through the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration. Our AllAces team is also a member of The Association of Rug Cleaning Specialists so we are skilled to deal with your rug cleaning needs. When you rely on AllAces Cleaning & Restoration you can be assured that your rugs is in good hands.

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