Rug Cleaning of Flokati Rugs

Rug Cleaning of Flokati Rugs

Flokati rugs from Greece are made with the highest quality wool from New Zealand. The wool yarn is spun on a spindle, in order to create the fluffier texture of the rug. For durability and more strength, a felt backing is used on the rug.

Our Process

Traditional rug cleaning can’t be used on these rugs, nor can heat cleaning, as it will cause damage to the texture and wool material. The method for cleaning is to shake and beat the rugs, then vacuums are used to remove the dirt. Once this process is completed, we will put them in one of our speciality wash pits, and Woolsafe detergents are used. The rugs are then rinsed, softened, dried out and extracted, then fluffed and brushed. This final step is to bring back the texture, and the fine appearance that the rugs are most well known for.

The pile is rather long, and may be up to 10 cm in length and it’s in your interests to have it cleaned professionally.

Flokati rugs do sit loosely on the floor, so we suggest you add a Teebaud rug pad, and place it beneath the rug, in order to create more friction and stability on the ground you choose to place it on. When you visit us at All Aces, we can provide you with this pad.

For more information or to schedule your cleaning at our Brisbane facilities, you can contact us at 1800 00 10 10.

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