How to Remove Red Wine Stains on Wool Rugs

How to Remove Red Wine Stains on Wool Rugs

Here at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we deal with many rug disasters. The following is a case study for one such incident involving red wine stains on a wool rug.

Red wine stains

We had one of our regular customers called up with a rug problem. She stated that the night before she had hosted a party where one of her guests had spilt red wine all over her nice woollen rug. The rug was caramel and blue in colour and was quite large. Due to the colour and size of the rug, the issue was a serious one. As you can imagine, the stain contrasted quite a bit with the lighter colours of the rug.

We quickly put her mind at ease, assuring her that AllAces Cleaning & Restoration could take care of her rug and remove the stain. The large size of the rug made it difficult for the client to bring it to us herself. In response, we promptly organised a technician to go to her home and pick-up her gorgeous rug. The technician bought it back to our factory in Murarrie, where all our rug technicians are fully trained and certified through the IICRC and know how to do a professional stain removal on rugs.

Process of rug stain removal

  1. The rug was promptly inspected and badgered to remove all dry soiling.
  2. It was then vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned to remove the red wine stain.
  3. We then carried out deodorising and neutralising processes to leave the rug smelling nice, and void of sticky residue.
  4. The rug was then placed into our drying room, where high speed air movers and dehumidifiers worked to completely dry the rug.
  5. Once the rug was dry, we vacuumed it again, groomed it, and did a post inspection.

After this process had been completed, it was evident that the red wine stain had been successfully removed and the rug looked beautiful. Finally, we wrapped up the rug and prepared to return it to the client. She was incredibly impressed with the result and commented on our timelines, the entire clean taking less than a week to complete.

So, if you, or anyone that you know, is in need of rug stain removal then look no further. Give us a call on 1800 00 1010.

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