Poo Stain Removal on a Rug

Poo Stain Removal on a Rug

When rugs are brought into our factories, they are thoroughly inspected by our technicians and the troubled areas, spots, poo stain, rug fibres and rug origin are identified. Each of these problem areas play a massive part in determining how the rug will be cleaned as well as the chemicals and processes that will be used. When one of our clients brings us a rug that has seen better days, we always endeavour to fully understand the damages incurred by the rug. A common issue are stains resulting from animal faeces inflicted by household pets.

Below is the typical process administered by our technicians to remove such stains.

Poo Stain Removal Process

  1. Our technicians begin by rug dusting. Rug dusting is an essential part of the cleaning process that allows us to rid the rug of any excess dirt particles. This step is undertaken using the Rug Badger Machine. Throughout this step, the rug is placed upside down over a raised surface to essentially beat the dirt particles loose through vibration.
  2. The next phase is to vacuum the rug using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. By vacuuming your carpet dry up to 70% of the dry soil four within it can be removed.
  3. The next essential step is to address the stain. We begin this process by using a pre-spray of a protein enzyme on the faeces to help break it down, closely followed by a specific wool detergent. Our extraction wand is then used. It is highly effective, applying water for rinsing while simultaneously extracting the dirty water at the same time.
  4. Next, a deodorising and neutralising solution is applied to neutralise pH levels and deodorise the rug, leaving it smelling fresh and new.
  5. Our technicians then groom the rug making sure that the pile is set in the right direction.
  6. The rug is then sanitised to kill any bacteria left from the faeces and placed into our state-of-the-art drying room. The room is humidity controlled, allowing for the best conditions for drying. High speed air movers are placed strategically in the space to promote the best air circulation for drying.
  7. Finally, the rug is groomed for a final time before being returned to its owner.

If you have a rug that has a stain that will not budge, give us a call on 1800 00 1010 and ask for our rug cleaning solutions. We will be happy to help you.

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