Pile and Texture Distortion on Rugs

Pile and Texture Distortion on Rugs

When there is a change in the original pile direction of the rug, pile distortion will occur. Whether your carpet or rug has begun to bloom, crush, or there is fuzzy pile, it is considered pile distortion. The most common culprits for pile distortion is the accumulation of soil and foot traffic. The pile and texture distortion can, however, be corrected or improved during the cleaning process. It is important to always correct or improve the texture distortion of the rugs as it will help you save time and money in the long run.

During the cleaning process, silk face yarns, soft wools and thick wool piles are usually subject to texture distortion during the normal cleaning process. This is usually evident when the rug is quite soiled. Another cause of pile and texture distortion is using the incorrect spotting products and cleaning procedures.

Shading of the rug usually occurs when the pile of the rug is not uniform and lies in several directions. When this occurs, the light is usually not reflected uniformly. This usually creates a patch of light and dark areas. The light and dark areas can be corrected by either grooming or cleaning the rug. It is important to note that this does not always correct shading issues.

Our Solution

Our technicians make every effort to correct shading, texture distortion, and the pile distortion during and after the rug cleaning process. There are instances where the distortion cannot be corrected to match the original appearance. This is especially true for rugs that are very sensitive, like silky rugs. Silky rugs usually have unavoidable texture issues even after carefully cleaning them with the less invasive cleaning methods.

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