Browning on Rugs

Browning on Rugs

The browning out of rugs can be a serious damage if the cleaning process is not properly carried out. What it is, how can it be prevented, and what causes it to occur?

Browning is the red, brown, or yellow discolouration that may occur on any number of fibres. This process is usually caused by fibre degradation and can appear in most rugs. Many experts believe that this browning process is commonly caused by the presence of moisture if rugs and ineffective drying methods. It can also occur when the material degrades or oxidises with age, as it produces a natural dye that can cause this discolouration process.

Factors that can affect browning on rugs:                  

  • Cellulosic fibres. Cellulosic fibres can be found in most rugs and are the main reason for browning occurs. As the cellulose degrades with age, the rug may begin to turn a brownish colour.
  • Cleaning process. If inappropriate products are used, the presence of these cellulosic fibres can trigger the browning process when cleaning. Therefore, you must be careful when using these cleaning agents or spotters on rugs.
  • The age of a rug is an important factor when taking care of it. The older the rug, the more prone it is to browning out.
  • Browning reactions can depend on certain factors such as, drying time, humidity, rug age, and materials.

What to do when browning begins to occur:

When a browning reaction begins to occur on your rug, it is important to call a professional to organise a rug cleaning. If your rug starts to brown, call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.

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