Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Carpets and Rugs

Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs can be a source of unwanted microbes and bacteria. Carpets and rugs can trap dirt and spills within their fibres, which can lead to odours, staining, and deterioration if not cleaned and sanitised properly. If these unwanted and unhealthy microorganisms thrive in your carpet and rug, anti-bacterial treatment must be done to remove them.

Microorganisms need moisture and nutrient source

Although synthetic carpets, if you have one, do not provide a nutrient source for these organisms to thrive, organic matter that falls deep into your carpet like bread crumbs, can be a nutrient source of microbial growth. Again, to have a microbial growth, there must be moisture or water. This is the reason why it is important that you keep your carpet and rug dry at all times.

Regardless of how well you treat your carpet and rug with antimicrobial agents, you should not rely on this alone since proper care, cleaning, and maintenance is needed. For areas that are hard to reach and clean, where organic matter is likely to settle in, they must be treated with antimicrobial protection.

Antimicrobial treatment

Antimicrobial treatment can reduce the overall number of bacteria in your carpet and rug. In order to maintain a clean and healthy carpet, you must perform routine cleaning and maintenance according to the suggestion of the manufacturer.

With AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, we do not only clean your carpet and rug, we can also apply antibacterial treatment to eliminate harmful bacteria and other creepy crawlies that are living in your rug and carpet. Our antibacterial treatment sanitises your carpet and rug and destroys the colonies of these harmful microorganisms.

We can remove mould, mildew, and fungi and any odours coming from your carpet and rug. Our anti-allergy treatment can also wipe out mites, dander, and allergens.

Bacteria can be everywhere

Aside from your carpets and rugs, your furniture can also host a myriad of bacteria and other microorganisms. Your couch, upholsteries, and beddings are favourite spots of these harmful organisms. They must be sanitised too.

With our antimicrobial treatment, we can remove these organisms and disinfect your entire home. AllAces Cleaning & Restoration uses the latest drying equipment to facilitate quick drying to remove moisture from any surface that we clean and sanitise. Call us on 1800 00 10 10 to find out more.

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