Cleaning Protected Leathers

While protected leather furniture looks both elegant and beautiful, and wears well with age, it can also be tricky to maintain. Though it is easier to keep your leather furniture stain-free and looking newer for longer when compared to fabric upholstered furniture, it is also true that improper cleaning techniques are far more likely to cause permanent damage to high quality leathers, like protected leather, as compared to upholstery. Protected leather is genuine leather and makes for a great choice for furniture. It lasts for a minimum of 10 years and comes with its own distinct characteristics and natural markings, which make it stand apart from Aniline and Nubuck leathers.

A leather lounge made from protected leather.

What You Need to Know about Protected Leathers

Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Protected Leather

  • To keep your leather looking its best, do not place it in direct sunlight. This can result in fading over time.
  • In fact, it is also best to keep all leather furniture a minimum of two feet away from a heat source, like radiators and vents, as excessive exposure to heat can also cause fading and make the leather dry out and crack easily.
  • Clean leather furniture regularly with a soft damp cloth. However, never use abrasive or harsh cleaners as these can cause permanent damage to leather surface. Also, it is not recommended to use any kind of furniture polish, wax or oils to clean leather furniture. Instead, use products like Leather Master Soft Cleaner to maintain your furniture. The use of such a professional grade product once every three to six months will gently remove any dust and dirt along with body oils from the surface, without causing any adverse affects.
  • Make sure you clean spills immediately as leather is highly porous and it can be very tough to remove old stains later without ruining the leather.
  • For a good maintenance plan to keep your leather furniture looking fresh and new, use professional grade products like Leather Master Protection Cream. This product will prevent soiling and resist staining, hence making it a lot easier to clean your furniture regularly.

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