Leather Cleaning and Care

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration specialises in providing professional leather cleaning and care.

Leather Care Services

We offer the following leather care services:

  • Leather cleaning with the help of LeatherMaster’s professional leather care products;
  • Protected leather re-coating;
  • Scratches and burns fixing;
  • Leather re-dyeing;
  • Stain removal;and
  • Leather care for dining chairs, lounge suites, clothing and furniture, etc.

Leather Cleaning and Protection of Upholstery

  1. Pre-inspection of leather to ensure that the coating is intact. If the coating has been broken because of accumulation of dirt and by soiling, then it will have to be stripped, re-coloured and resealed with the help of Fibrenew.
  2. Pre-conditioning by applying Fibrenew Leather Cleaner in the ratio ranging from 15:1 to 20:1 based on the extent of soiling.
  3. Agitation to break down oils, body fats and soil. Agitation provides good results in readily used as well as stained areas.
  4. Rinsing with micro fibre cloth to take away all the soil.
  5. Applying Leather Master Protection cream to provide a protective coating on the leather.

A bottle of leather protection cream from LeatherMaster

Leather Protection Cream

The water-based Leather Protection Cream is great for providing a coating on Aniline and protected leathers. However, it is not suitable for highly sensitive leathers such as Nubuck. The cream provides protection from stains caused by spilling of oil, alcohol and water. It is important to clean and re-protect leather on a regular basis so as to extend its life. The cream provides a protective layer of coating on leather. Therefore, you will actually be cleaning this protective coating when cleaning your leather.

Commonly, leathers crack and peel as the body oils and perspiration dissolve the protective coating over time. The use of Leather Protection Cream helps to prevent such cracks and peels.

Nubuck Eco Protector

A bottle of nubuck leather eco protector from LeatherMaster

Nubuck Eco Protector is also a water-based cleaning product for leathers like Nubuck which are very sensitive. Water can cause damage to most of the Nubuck leathers. Nubuck Eco Protector provides protection against water, alcohol and oil. This protector is better than other aerosol products because it is non-flammable, less expensive (it is cheaper to manufacture trigger spray than aerosol cans) and environment friendly (free from solvent).


Some of the other speciality services offered by us include:

  • Cleaning and restoring leather, suede jackets
  • Re-colouring leather lounges
  • Re-coating leather lounges
  • Repairing cuts and rips
  • Repairing cigarette burns

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