Tile and Grout Cleaning in Brisbane

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration offer a unique tile and grout cleaning system.

Our cleaning system is suitable for any size or location: from a tiny bathroom to large commercial spaces.

Gone are the days when you had to clean your tiles and grout for hours and days on end using a toothbrush! Developed over the past 15 years, the All Aces Cleaning & Restoration deluxe tile and grout cleaning system helps to protect the tiles in more ways than one.

The tile and grout cleaning system at All Aces includes the following seven steps:

  1. Pre-inspection
    As the first step we carefully assess the type of tile that you have installed in your premises and the style of the layout.
  2. Moving the Furniture
    The professionally trained staff at All Aces Services will ensure that a major portion of the existing furniture and fittings will be moved out with utmost care and without any damage to the tiles.
  3. Dry Sweeping
    The next step is to dry sweep the area to remove dry soils and large particles that are present.
  4. Cleaning
    The next step is to apply a specialized and appropriate cleaning solution onto the tile surface. Different cleaning chemicals are required to bring out the best results in different types of tiles.
  5. High Pressure Steam Cleaning
    Using state of the art truck-mount equipment, the tile surface is cleaned using high temperature and high pressure steam. The operation is clean and there is no splashing or messing with water as is done usually.
  6. Dry Mopping
    The tile surfaces are then dry mopped with towels.
  7. Blow Drying
    The tiled-surface area is then blow-dried with high-speed blowers.

Dual Tile and Grout Cleaning

For those dirty tiles and grout we offer a dual clean.  This involves an Alkaline Clean first, by applying an alkaline cleaner to break down the greasy soil then we clean the area. Then we apply an acid cleaner this cleans up the grout better then ever cleaning the tiles. This is great for kitchen areas.

After cleaning the tiles and grout, the next step is to protect the cleaned area.

Tile and Grout Protection

Tiles and grout can be protected using sealers. All Aces provides four different types of sealing protection for building floors in and around Brisbane that are briefly detailed below. We can also help you to re-colour the tile or concrete surface.

Grout Sealing

The grout can be sealed to retain its natural look by using a penetrating sealer. Once the sealer is used, it prevents penetration by liquids and therefore does not develop stains. The grout can be well maintained and looks new over a longer period of time. We recommend that you use this sealer on your grout surfaces.

Photo of grout with natural sealing

Tile and Grout Sealing – Natural Look

For surfaces of terracotta tiles or plain concrete which are porous, a natural-look sealer is highly recommended. The tiles will continue to retain their new and natural look while simultaneously repelling oil, water and soils. Penetrating sealers are available in different grades. Whereas some of them are water-based, others are solvent based. Some modern sealers are green-technology based. The life-times of these different sealers range between 1 and 20 years.

Photo of tile with natural sealing

Tile and Grout Sealing – Wet Look

A ‘wet look’ is provided by satin and gloss sealers. Slates floors can be made to look as good as new by using wet-look sealers. They can also be used for indoor terracotta floors. These sealers are available in water-based and solvent-based technologies. We can also help to mend your old sealer.

Photo of tiles with wet look sealing

Grout Re-colouring

If your grout surface has a dull grey colour, we can render it to a new colour to match your decor and tiles. Colour is added to a special sealer that can be used on tiles as well.


Kindly note that we cannot perform building work that is valued in excess of $3300.

Photo of grout that has been recoloured and sealedCoatings

We have coatings that are both water-based and solvent-based emulsions. These coatings, when applied, soak into the pores of the surface and work to prevent water, dirt and oil from entering them. To be used only on porous surfaces such as concrete, slate or sandstone, these coatings give a glazed appearance.

Penetrating Sealers

Based on the latest technology, the penetrating sealers impregnate the pores to leave the surface looking as same as before. The resin in the sealer lines the pores and builds up a network that repels water or oil or both. This depends on the resin that is used. As the pores are not clogged, the sealed surface still allows the escape of water vapour allowing the surface to breathe. Simultaneously, the sealer prevents staining of the surface.

Cleaners and Solvents

To get optimum performance from the sealer, it is essential that the surface should be cleaned thoroughly before sealing. The surface should also be maintained regularly. The cleaners that we offer are for stone surfaces. Our strippers and solvents are formulated for maximum effectiveness.

Bio Safe Technology

The sealers using Bio Safe Technology are a safer alternative to sealers that use petrochemical solvents. Environmentally friendly, they provide the same degree of penetration as our regular sealers. The product is compliant with GECA23-2005- Architectural & Protective Coatings environmental standard. For further information, please visit www.GECA.org.au.