Things you need to know

As a professional residential and commercial cleaning service, we are well equipped with the necessary tools to offer superior cleaning results. However, when you hire our cleaning service, organising your home before the cleaning technicians arrive makes their work easier and can reduce the cleaning time significantly. It also helps to minimise the damage that may occur to household items as the cleaners get down to work. Here are tips for preparing your home for professional cleaning.

Getting ready

Our cleaning crews carry with them portable cleaning equipment that they use on the job. Some of the equipment is brought indoors while some, such as the truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment is left outdoors. For the best efficiency, the equipment should be located as near to the house entrance as possible. Therefore, make sure to have a designated area for the cleaning crew to park the equipment. We recommend an area on the driveway as the safest and most convenient.

Our technicians

Our crew is easily identifiable. They will arrive in your property in white vans bearing the company’s name and other signage on the vehicles. Staff uniform comprises of navy blue pants or shorts and red or navy blue polo shirts that also bear the company logo. To verify the staff’s identification, ask to see the certification card.


As you prepare for the arrival of the cleaning technicians, it is a good idea to remove clutter and put it away. Pick up items such as toys, clothing items, papers and other items from the areas to be cleaned to allow the cleaning staff to start work as soon as they arrive. You can also clear the areas by moving light pieces of furniture. Although our services include moving furniture, we do not move extremely heavy or large furniture. However, we can move it if it is emptied of its contents.

Light vacuuming is also a great way to prepare the cleaning areas for deeper cleaning. If you have any special requirements such as carpet stain removal, inform us about these well in advance preferably about a week prior to the cleaning appointment.


Remove valuable items and keep them away. All delicate items that can break or be damaged easily should be kept away, too.


If you are a pet owner, make arrangements for a safe place to keep your pet out of your home as it is cleaned.


While cleaning is in progress, children should be kept away from these areas to ensure their safety. The children can be restricted to other areas in the home. Alternatively, arrange for the cleaning to take place when the children are not at home.

Our guarantee

We use some of the most up to date cleaning techniques that give superior results while ensuring shorter drying period. This allows you to resume normal use of the cleaned areas such as carpets and upholstery and helps to prevent growth of mould or mildew.

Our services are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our services, we offer follow up services for free or a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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