Pest Control for Silverfish on the Sunshine Coast

All Aces Sunshine Coast Silverfish Control Services are provided by specialised technicians who have been trained to inspect and treat all areas that may have been infested with silverfish around your home as well as office premises.

There are about four families of silverfish around the world, consisting of close to 370 species. It is estimated that only two families; the lepismatidae and the oletiidae, exist in Australia with approximately 28 species. Both the lepismatidae and the oletiidae are easily distinguished from the rest of the families around the world because of their uniquely identifiable eye features; the lepismatidae have small compound eyes whereas the oletiidae do not have eyes at all.

Since we understand the nature and spread of the species, we always endeavour to use the right chemical combination and implement the most effective management strategy. We also offer preventative services which normally include recommendations as well as regular maintenance to ensure the silverfish do not come back again in the near future, at least not in the areas we have managed.

We promise safety and protection

Our silverfish management services on the Sunshine Coast employ safe and protective treatment that is proven to only target the pests with zero percent chance of endangering your family, property and pets.

You can never be sure until you inspect!

Silverfish love to settle in dark quiet environments – preferring to nest in areas that are rarely used; and they are mostly active during the night. So you will find them in storage rooms, basements, dusty roof spaces, wall cavities, under the sinks and bookcases. However you could occasionally spot them roaming around the building as they search for food and moistureous locations.

Given this ability to go completely unnoticed, inspection becomes the best way to establish whether the silverfish have infested your home. We will help you perform professional inspection and recommend a control strategy that will fit your unique environment.

We are here to help