Pest Control for Fleas on the Sunshine Coast

The most discouraging thing about fleas is perhaps the fact that they will still infest your home regardless of the high standards of cleanliness you may maintain. They can transmit dangerous diseases like the famous Black Death that occurred in Europe – which is believed to have been caused by fleas that came off rats. Fleas are known to account for close to half of all dermatological conditions that require veterinary attention; a single bite from a flea is enough to cause severe irritation and allergies that may often be characterised by conditions like hair loss, secondary infection, reddening of the skin and intense itching. The tiny pests will irritate you not only at home but also in the office; they are easily transported by pets into the house where they find safe havens in the areas where pets like to spend time, like on carpets.

Any effective flea control should therefore include the entire environment of pets; treating the pets themselves and where they spend time both indoors and outdoors. This is what we are offering you through our Sunshine Coast flea control services which are dependable and flexible; combining both preventive and responsive solutions, all administered by well trained and authorised pest management professionals with the capability to identify and fix your flea problems completely.

When you contact us, we may ask you a few questions just to help us understand your exact needs. Some of the questions we are likely to ask would touch on aspects such as the size of your premise and the number of rooms in your house among several others. Our professional pest control technicians will then attend to your flea problem and arrest it in record time; providing effective treatment and ensuring that any recurrence is blocked.

A visit from All Aces Sunshine Coast pest control division will rid your home or office of any fleas present and put in place a preventative mechanism that will ensure the fleas will never return again; and just in case they are stubborn enough to dare return, we will also return!

We are here to help