Bees and Wasps on the Sunshine Coast

The presence of bees or wasps at your home or office can get you disturbed because they will pose risks to your lovely family, friends, clients and pets as well. Over time these insect pests can also cause extensive damage to property; they can destroy valuable building components such as plaster boards and stud framing, which will force you to undertake very expensive repairs. Migrating bees in particular can forcefully take residence at your premises while wasps can build under gutters or in eaves. Since we well understand where they are likely to make residence, we will design several control options that are specifically targeted at eradicating the pests.

Our technicians will promptly attend to your needs, with the objective of identifying any bees or wasps plus their potential sources and recommend the most appropriate bees and wasp management solutions that will suit your circumstances. All Aces Sunshine Coast bees and wasp control services will also include long term measures to keep your home or office free of these insect pests.

We treat all levels of infestations. Whether the bees have suddenly emerged in your toilet room or they have already produced honey that is soaking through the ceiling that divides the lower and upper levels of your storey house; we will get them out professionally. So if you have seen the wasps nesting comfortably in your window frames or hanging off the eaves-or indeed any other place, you may want to contact us through our Sunshine Coast pest control division.

Please don’t try to treat them yourself because they will sting you. The best way out is to manage them professionally, and this is where All Aces comes in to offer you the best bees and wasp control services on the Sunshine Coast. Let us help you do it professionally.

We are here to help