Pest Control for Bed Bugs on the Sunshine Coast

Bed bugs have resurged again and they are quickly becoming a significant pest of the 21st century that must be controlled with the best techniques and pest formulations.

Other than homes, they have also invaded several facilities in urban areas such as hotels, hostels and learning institutions. Their success in resurgence can be attributed to an increased number of people travelling around the world as well as little or no public awareness. Their bites are rarely noticed and if at all discovered, you can easily mistake them for other bites such as mosquitoes and other biting insects. Overall, bed bugs have been found to harbour close to 28 forms of human pathogens, but luckily the passing of these diseases to human beings has not been found to be as strong, even though they have been linked to certain forms of severe allergies and health conditions such as anaemia.

While majority of bed bugs like to cluster together in their harbourage areas, some prefer to live separately by themselves far away from the rest of the infestation. So the best way to determine their existence is by looking around where you sleep, the places you like to rest and the areas you keep various types of luggage or bags. The places that you are most likely to find them though are the bedrooms because this is where they get their food – your blood!

The moment you spot any signs to the effect that bed bugs could exist in your house or office, get in touch with our Sunshine Coast pest control division immediately so we can initiate professional inspection. We will go the extra mile to make sure the treatment we accord you is the best bed bug control service you will ever receive on the Sunshine Coast.

All Aces Sunshine Coast bed bug control services are administered by our qualified technicians who are experienced enough to know where to locate the bed bugs at home and at the office as well. We caution you against using total release aerosol insecticides or “Bug Bombs” as they are often referred to; they never work as claimed and they can pose serious health and environmental risks.

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