Cleaning & Drying Water Damaged Rugs

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration can help you to fix any water damaged rug even if its colours are running or it has black or grey water inside of it. We can work with a quality wash pit that can take care of water-damaged rugs as well as upholstery, curtains, clothes and other items that have been damaged by water.

Our drying room is designed to help with taking care of your rugs so the bacteria can be removed even if there was sewage in the rug. We will use an ATP swab test after the rug is dried to determine if there are problems over what’s in here.

Rugs that are cleaned after water damage can be taken care of at our factory but we can also come to your home or office if necessary and treat them from there. We can work with odours, stains, dye runs and brown fringes among other issues that might cause your rug to wear out.

Our rug badger can also remove dry soil from a rug and beat out worn spaces to make it all suitable and safe to use. We’ll then use a dry vacuum to lift the pile on your rug and to clear out old materials.

A wash can then be added to remove stubborn soil deposits and water stains. A treatment may also be used for removing old odours and to sanitise the surface with a Woolsafe approved carpet sanitiser that has been registered with the EPA.

Your rug will then go into our drying room where it will be carefully analysed to see that everything is clear. The goal is to make sure that the entire surface is actually clean and safe to work with. You’ll have to be certain that you know what to get out of cleaning water damaged rugs that you might have. Be sure to see how this can work for practically any kind of rug you’ve got that might have suffered from damages over time.