Rug Cleaning of Turkish Rugs

With great colour options and many beautiful design styles, Turkish rugs are a very popular choice for the home or office.

We see a number of these rugs at our rug cleaning division at Murarrie, so we know how to properly take care of them for you.

Wool and Silk herekes, Espartas, Taspinars, and Milas, are just some of the types of Turkish rugs available. Kayseri Mercerised cotton and Dosemealtis, are also common rug types that we see come through our cleaning facilities.

Whilst Turkish rugs are difficult to determine the type of material, our Technicians are trained and have the experience to distinguish them.

Our Process

Gentle rug washing procedures are followed at our cleaning facilities. All dry soil is beaten from the rugs, then thoroughly washed. Following this, the rugs are softened and dried, and a thorough post inspection is performed.

Customers can reach our rug cleaning division today at 1800 00 10 10. When you call in, you can discuss the type of rug, and learn about the cleaning methods that we use. You can also call to speak to a cleaning professional, in order to get a instant quote for the type of rug, and the size of the rug you will bring in.

Photo of a turkish rug