Rug Cleaning of Silk Rugs

Silk rugs can be a difficult and delicate piece to care for.

To keep a silk rug looking great and beautiful, one should learn the basics of cleaning and caring for silk rugs to keep it in good condition. At All Aces Cleaning & Restoration we are committed to providing total quality cleaning services with our experienced rug cleaners and Technicians. We offer a one stop shop for cleaning your rugs.

Recently, mercerised cotton and rayon are used in place of silk to mimic its lustre and feel. There are problems associated with cleaning silk, cotton and rayon rugs that are not generally encountered with rugs made from other natural or synthetic fibres. These face yarns are subject to pile distortion when cleaned or spotted that, many times, is permanent. In addition, some of the dyes are not colour-fast. Silk and artificial silk are prone to shading, water marking, sun fading and discolouration. Modern Persian silk rugs are almost never colour-fast.

To minimise the problems associated with cleaning silk textiles, your Master Rug Cleaner will chose the method suitable for your individual rug based on age, condition, spots, stains and degree of soiling. Invasive cleaning methods may be required to restore the appearance of extremely soiled rugs; however, the problems described above will be exacerbated. Therefore, silk rugs should be maintained with regular vacuuming, professionally cleaned before they become visibly soiled and ideally used in low traffic areas.

Photo of silk rugs

Here are our professional methods in cleaning silk rugs and keeping it in optimum condition.

  1. To make the rug soft, silk needs to be washed with cold water and mild Woolsafe products.
  2. They are then neutralised, dried and wrapped to ensure its good condition.
  3. Professional cleaning of a silk rug cannot be completed in your home as it is a tedious and long process which can take up to two days.
  4. In the first day, the silk rug has to be washed overnight and left to dry in our humidity controlled drying room.
  5. It is then napped and softened on the second day.

For silk rugs with grime or dirt, more care is taken to clean them. Some silk rugs with urine damages can make the dyes run. Improper cleaning or the wrong method can also make the dyes run. We strongly believe that quality service is the key to client satisfaction. Our team of Technicians has a diverse set of skills and experience to help with all sorts of cleaning for your silk rugs.

We have the tools and expertise ready to deliver a great job. Our company’s objective is to reach above and beyond our customer’s expectations. Have peace of mind and leave your silk rug with the professionals at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration.

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