Rug Cleaning of Shaggy Rugs

In our Brisbane headquarters, located in Murarrie, our purpose built rug cleaning equipment and supplies are in place to do the job on any rug, including your shaggy rugs.

Polypropylene, rayon, polyester, wool, and acrylic, are just some of the materials these rugs are made from. Dry soil and the particle removal, are some of the biggest issues owners encounter with this type of rug. From small toys, to $6.40 in change and even reading glasses, we have found quite a few items in the shaggy rugs brought in to our facility by our customers to our facilities.

Photo of a shaggy rug

Rug Badger

Due to the fact that these shaggy rugs are very hard to vacuum, the Rug Badger is used at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration when you bring your rug in to get professionally cleaned. It beats out dust and particles found in the rug with the slightest of ease. Compressed air is also used in the process, to beat the rug, and remove any additional particles that are stuck in the rugs. It is nearly impossible to do this at home, and any carpet cleaning company would find it difficult to do the work in the customer’s home.

When you bring your shaggy rugs in, we clean them thoroughly an remove odours.  We visit our Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast facilities once a week as well, to pick up and deliver any rugs our customers may have left for cleaning at these locations.

1800 00 10 10 is the number you can reach us at, when you are trying to contact our All Aces offices.

Call for a FREE quote, or to discuss the methods that we use, for the rugs you need cleaned.