Rug Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

Rugs are never cleaned on the customer’s premises/homes unless restricted by its size or weight that makes its transportation to the cleaning plant difficult. Though cleaning rugs in the customer’s home is a much cheaper alternative, the disadvantages are that it can get soiled once again within a short while because of soap and dirt that stay on in the carpet. When the cleaning is attempted at the customer’s premises, the fringes cannot be cleaned and insufficient drying of the rug may cause mildew growth. Ensure that you get your rugs cleaned by those who know how to clean Oriental rugs. If they are not aware of how to clean different types of rugs, then there is a good chance that they are not experts in the field. Given below are some rug cleaning tips on keeping area rugs clean and maintaining them in good condition.

Photo of a beautiful rug

Rug cleaning experts and importers of Oriental rugs strongly recommend cleaning of the rug once in every 2 to 4 years. Rugs that are used in areas of heavy traffic, however, need to be cleaned at least once a year. Thick rugs have the disadvantage that the dirt gets embedded deeply in case they are not cleaned for a long period of time. In such cases, it is nearly impossible to remove the dirt. Dirty woollen rugs also tend to attract moths which may destroy them.

Rugs should be vacuumed regularly. A major part of the soil in rugs (nearly up to 80%) is made up of particulate matter that is dry in nature. It wears out the rug in a way very similar to what sandpaper does.

If a rug seller claims that the rug that you just purchased need not be cleaned, there is a good chance that he/she is trying to either conceal defects in the rug or does not want the rug makeover (like surface painting) to fail.

It is common to find woollen rugs sold without any stain protection coats. We coat woollen rugs with BridgePoint Maxim for added protection of the fabric.

In case of spills, it is best that you clean them up immediately. Be careful when buying and using spot removers from grocery stores and supermarkets. They may be harsh and cause permanently discoloured spots on the rug. The best option is to immediately rub off the spill using cold water/club soda and then get it professionally cleaned at the earliest.

The best maintained rugs usually carry padding underneath and this serves to provide many advantages. In addition to providing a thick and luxurious look, it protects the rug, gives a firm backing that reduces slippage, and reduces wear and tear thereby increasing the life of the rug. It also smoothes the floor on which it is laid and helps to absorb noise.

There are different types of padding that are used and it depends on the flooring on which the rug will be used. Hardwood floors, for example, use a synthetic felt padding which is coated with rubber. To determine the padding size, the procedure is to measure the length and width of the rug without taking into account the fringes of the rug. The pad is then cut two inches less than both the length and the width of the rug.