Rug Cleaning Procedures

We have many different techniques for cleaning rugs from dry powder cleaning, to gentle washing to steam cleaning depending on the rug and your needs.

Our principle rug cleaning procedure is:

  1. Pre-Inspection: We start with Fibre Identification, country of origin, spot and stain survey and colour fastness test, all by a rug cleaning technician.
  2. Rug Dusting: We then beat the soil from the rug with a Rug Badger machine.
  3. HEPA Dry vacuuming: We vacuum the rug with a commercial upright vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
  4. Apply Safe Pre-Conditioner: Apply our fibre safe detergents.
  5. Agitation of Rug: We Rotary agitate with our rotary soft brush or soft agitation pad to loosen soiling.
  6. Washing the Rug: We Gently Wash the Rug, Removing Soiling and all Detergents out of the Rug.
  7. Deodorising and Neutralising the Rug: We apply deodorising and neutralising agents, softening the Rug leaving it with no sticky residue and smelling fresh.
  8. Rotary Dry Pad: We use a rotary dry pad to brighten the rug, removing the last bit of soiling.
  9. Grooming the Rug: We set the pile of the Rug using grooming tools.
  10. Drying Rug: We dry the rug using our Unique Humidity controlled drying room.
  11. Post Inspection: Finally, we check that the Rug is clean and completed to our satisfaction.

Rugs lined up for cleaning

All our Technicians are qualified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. We also have a purpose built Rug Cleaning Facility, which is the best and the biggest wash pit and drying facility in the country.

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