Fringe and Tassel Cleaning for Rugs

Rug fringes and tassels can tricky to clean. It is easy to damage the rug if you do not clean them properly, and unfortunately, they tend to get dirty more easily since they are at the edge of the rug. That is why you should leave this cleaning job in our hands.

We can clean your rug’s fringes and tassels delicately to ensure they are not damaged during the cleaning process. You do not have to worry even if the fringe seems to be heavily soiled or has brown parts. Any stains will also be seen to expertly, and even if it may seem like a hopeless case, we will be able to remove them. We will also restore fringes that had colour run onto them, especially when they are light coloured ones. Another common problem is knotting. When the fringe or tassels end up with knots we will do our best to remove those knots and straighten them out properly.

Fringe and Tassel Cleaning Services

  • Basic Fringe Service – a clean designed for fringes in good condition.
  • Standard Fringe Service – a heavy duty clean designed for fringes in average condition.
  • Deluxe Fringe Service – bleaching the fringe. This is the last resort this is only for fringes that are really in poor condition.
  • Colour Run Removal Fringe Service – removes the colour run from the fringe to make it bright and clean again.

If yPhoto of a rug with fringeou have a rug that needs cleaning or stain removal All Aces it will be properly seen to from the edge of the fringes on one side to those on the other side. Call us on 1800 00 10 10 to learn more.


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