Consumer Rug Buying Tips

When you buy something you need to make sure that you are making a good buying decision. This is even more important when you buy an oriental rug. Let us outline some rug buying tips that people should bear in mind when buying a rug. These guidelines have been mentioned in an article titled ‘Buying a Rug’ that was published in the August 1999 issue of the Consumer Reports Magazine.

Buyers should beware of the following things when buying an oriental rug:

  1. Itinerant Auctions: One of the most commonly used techniques that sellers use is that of creating a sense of urgency so as to encourage a buyer to make a purchase without giving it much thought. The buyer will generally end up thinking that he/she is making a bargain, and that if he/she does not act now, chances are that somebody else will buy it. Itinerant auctions often use this technique. They are often held by hotels who want to get rid of ‘dead’ inventory. Often the rugs sold in such auctions are of inferior quality.
  2. Sales: When a firm claims that it is going out of business, it often announces a sale on remaining items. This creates a sense of urgency in buyers who want to grab a bargain before the sale comes to an end. Often these sales are just excuses to get rid of inferior quality items, and they actually tend to last several months. So you should beware from these sales as, more often than not, you won’t be making any bargain at all.
  3. Big Discounts: A retailer would be out of his mind to sell an item below its original cost. So huge discounts such as 75% off are not to be trusted. The low price is generally an indication of low quality, rather than a big bargain.
  4. Painted Rugs: Painting rugs is a technique that is used on old rugs so as to try to hide their defects. Colour is applied to their foundation in an attempt to conceal the wear and tear. You should make sure that the rug that you are buying has not been painted. This can be done by rubbing it with a wet, white towel. If any colour marks end up on the towel, then that rug has been painted. Never buy any painted rugs as they will not last long and you won’t even be able to clean them as the paint would start to go over the rest of the rug, thus ruining it forever.

Photo of rugs in a shop

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