Sanitising and Testing

Photo of contaminated sample used for testing and sanitising.

The presence of germs and bacteria can be harmful to our health as this can cause a large number of diseases, especially in children and the elderly.

While many companies offer sanitisation services, proof that the sanitisation is complete must be proven.

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration has two ways of clearance or sanitisation testing to check the level of germs and bacteria in the sanitised area. One way of testing is by having a hygienist come to the area being sanitised, take samples from different parts of the area, culture them in the lab and then provide a full report. However, this method can take time. Alternately, a system called ATP Testing (Adenosine Triphosphate testing) can be used to give clients instant results proving the sanitisation in the area.

The Process

The ATP molecule found around and in living cells is a direct indication of the the amount of germs, bacteria and also health. ATP testing involves measuring the light produced by the reaction of the molecule with the natural firefly enzyme luciferase. A luminometer is used to measure the amount of light produced and this is directly proportional to the number of living organisms detected in the sample.

During the floods in Brisbane we attended properties for cleaning and spraying a registered sanitiser for hard surfaces, then conducting an ATP test to prove the property was safe.

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