Removing Floor Underlay After Floods

For sanitary reasons, carpet or flooring with underlay should be replaced after a flood situation, especially where black water is involved.

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration is well-equipped to effectively offer this kind of service. Our qualified and experienced Technicians, who have undergone training with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, can confidently and efficiently pull out carpets, the floor underlay and even floating hard floors.

We respond quickly to calls and are well-equipped to deal with carpet and floor removal. The floating floors are removed using special lifting and demolition equipment to ensure efficiently in carrying out this service. We also have a special tools kit that enables our Technicians to effectively pull out the damaged areas of a property after a flood. In fact, this special equipment is applied when skirting needs to be removed from walls, kick boards and also swollen chip boards especially in cupboards.

Photo of floor underlay.

We also have a vinyl lifting machine at All Aces Cleaning and Restoration. This machine is used to lift carpets and when glued down to vinyl floors. Since the vinyl tiles, in most cases, contain asbestos, we also an Asbestos B license to further guarantee the safety of our operations.

It is important to note that bamboo floors also need to be removed after a flood as it is difficult to determine whether the bamboo floor is dry after the flood. This is because the floor is usually filled with silicon fillers that cause the pin meter and the non-penetrating meter to give inaccurate readings. It is therefore expedient to involve professionals who can effectively remove the floor and also replace it.

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