Pack-out and Storage of Contents

Thorough cleaning and restoration after fire or mould contamination may require goods to be stored offsite.

We understand there are times when we may not be able to carry out the cleaning services at the residential or commercial areas of our clients. This may mean we carry some contents back to our offices. During situations where there has been a fire or mould contamination, the cleaning is specialised and must be thorough. Some of the contents that are carried back to the factory include designer upholstery, soft contents and mattresses.

Photo of rug storage in our warehouse.

There are times when the damaged contents may need to be stored prior to the cleaning job.  All Aces Cleaning and Restoration have the capacity to handle storage needs as they arise.

We have the ability to handle a variety of materials. We can pack fine china and at the same time we can also carry heavy cabinets. We also have the capacity to carry all the furniture in your house. We always do our best to ensure none of your contents are damaged. We treat everything with care and that also means wrapping it well. Some of the contents can be wrapped with soft tissue paper while in some instances we use packing blankets.

If you are looking for restoration services, get in touch with us on 1800 00 10 10.