Methamphetamine Testing and Remediation Services

Australia, along with many other countries around the world, is becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of exposure to methamphetamine residue in homes, rental and commercial properties, even cars and caravans.

The consumption of methamphetamine is becoming increasingly widespread and given the nature of the residue, even low levels of smoking of the drug in a property can lead to the accumulation of harmful levels of toxins on surfaces and contents.

Methamphetamine contaminates the home during both the production or cooking process, and during its consumption. Furniture, clothes, carpet, toys and curtains may have residue that can affect the residents simply by being in the property long after the drug manufacturing or consumption has ceased.

Research studies have found that methamphetamine residue, if left untreated, will last for decades after being deposited.

Evidence exists to indicate that a person’s health can be affected almost immediately as well as in the long-term, commonly resulting in serious headaches, allergic responses, unexplained rashes, respiratory complications, and even delivery defects and psychological disorders.

All Aces Cleaning & Restorations’ technicians are formally trained to provide complete and effective methamphetamine cleaning and decontamination services across Queensland and Northern NSW to rid properties of the effects of methamphetamine.

All Aces’ approach and methodologies are in accordance with the Australian Government’s Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines (PDF, 5MB), and employs industry best practice techniques, equipment and chemicals to efficiently and cost effectively remediate contaminated properties.

We also can undertake the reinstatement services offering a turn-key solution for owners and insurers.

Property Testing

All Aces have NIOSH9111 accredited testing technicians that can provide testing at all stages of the process, from simple pre-purchase property tests or between tenancies, through to detailed pre and post remediation assessment.

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Chemicals confiscated after a Meth Lab Cleanup