Heat Drying for Wet Structures

Photo of the Drymatic Heat Dryer

All Aces can assist with specialist heat drying equipment that can dry wet areas through a process of evaporation.


How it Works

The Drymatic equipment begins by automatically heating a wet area to remove wetness through evaporation. It comes with boost boxes which are employed in two ways. The first function is adding extra heat to the environment by providing up to 50 degrees Celsius worth of heat. The second task is when it helps the Drymatic drying mats when dealing with the drying of small target areas of the floor or even walls.

The great thing about this equipment is that it operates with little noise and this means less disturbance in your home or office as we can adjust the temperatures and drying parameters.

If you need more information on how this equipment works then you need to get in touch with All Aces Cleaning and Restoration by simply calling us on 1800 00 10 10.

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