Concrete Drying of Concrete Sub-Floors

Concrete drying can be challenging task for some contractors and this is especially the case where carpets or flooring materials that necessitate low concrete relative humidity are to be installed.

Often times the contractors may become frustrated with the slow drying process as they try to beat construction and repair schedules. For carpets, suckers could be used to draw water from the carpet without really checking the concrete. In such a scenario, putting back the carpet would only result in humidity and associated odour build up with high likelihood of mould formation. This normally results in added expenses resulting from the need to make untimely repairs.

Photo of wet concrete floor after water damage.

Wet concrete is a challenge for construction timelines.

Drying out concrete is typically a costly affair especially if the process is to be done in a timely fashion. Most of the time, the actual cost of such a procedure may not be reflected in a bid price either. The expenses are mostly higher whenever a short timeline has been stated as this often involves overtime pay.

In choosing an established and experienced company like All Aces Cleaning and Restoration for the concrete drying task, you can be assured your money will be well spent. All our technicians are certified with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification and use specialised moisture detection and drying equipment to not only dry the carpet, but the concrete as well.

Photo of concrete drying equipment.

Experienced with insurance claims

When it comes to compensation, insurance companies may sometimes offer to replace the carpet for its full amount although the invoice will have to account for the mitigation, carpet and sub floor drying.

More so, there are standards for laying down resilient floors and drying the concrete to the required moisture content (5.5%). Holes need to be drilled and sleeves placed into the concrete before humidity readings are taken. Then again, effective drying of the concrete may necessitate low vapour pressure dehumidification although the rate of drying will depend on the type of concrete.

With such complexities, it is only apt for you to call the professionals at All Aces on 1800 00 10 10 for assistance.