Brisbane Water Extraction

We at our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast carpet cleaning company understand that there is a realistic potential for you to get your carpet restored and cleaned even if there are series problems relating to water damages. These include damages to the underlay under your carpet. In fact, we can work with all kinds of carpets like wool, acrylic, nylon and polypropolene carpets plus woven or tufted carpets.

When we work on carpets, we take a look at many key factors relating to your carpet. We will start by seeing if your carpet has been wet for a while and if it’s clean water from a pipe, grey water from a washing machine pipe or other used space or black water like sewage water or water from a flood.

We’ll also check the underlay and backing to see if there are permanent stains under it like wood grain or dye stains. Mould growth can also be searched for to see if there are any serious problems that might come from it. These must be checked carefully to see that your surface can be cleaned off and saved as needed.

Many things can be corrected with this process including rust stains, wood grain stains, odour problems and even cases where the carpet has to be re-stretched or relayed.

The process we use for drying the underlay and saving your carpet entails a full extraction process to remove all standing water with dehumidifiers, vacuums and air movers. The area can also be relayed if needed as it is dried off.

We then use a steam cleaner to secure the space and even use an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent as required. This agent can be applied on your underlay through a misting procedure.

We can use an in situ process for drying your carpet to where fans and dehumidifiers are used. A fan will blow air across the carpet and move moisture into the air.

A tenting process may also be used to dry it off. This is to get air to move under the carpet. This is best for rooms that are two square metres in size or less as it might end up damaging larger spaces due to the extensive time needed for keeping it ready.

Contact us for help with your general underlay drying needs. We can work in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast to take care of all sorts of wet carpet problems so your carpets will not become damaged or likely to wear out too quickly over time.

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